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Generally speaking, El Paso is an exceptionally safe city.Very many years the city is considered one of the safest in the nation.The city is expanding pretty far in an eastern direction, and the outskirts are also generally safe.

As far as weather goes, it is extremely hospitable. No tornadoes, period. It hails about once every ten years. It snows about once every 3 years, and even then, not more than half of an inch. It rains an average of about 9 inches a year. In general, it is extremely humidity is almost never a factor. The desert climate gives you very warm summers and very cool winters, but nowhere near the freezing cold of New York. Lows are rarely below freezing, but never ever drop below 0. 

Jobs in El Paso. The governmental sector is booming, and there are tons of jobs opening up in the tech industry and in the service industry. Education is always a safe bet, as Texas in general is in a severe teacher shortage.

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